Spring School on Quasicrystals

From 17 till 21 May 1999, there is a spring school on quasicrystals, organized in Aussois, France.

  • Organizers:
    E. Belin-Ferre, C. Berger, M. Quiqandon, A. Sadoc

  • Programme:
    Atomic structures, Phase diagrams, Stability, Thermodynamics of alloys, Growth, Scattering, Dislocations, Defects, Wave propagation, Surfaces, Thin films, Potential applications, New alloys.

  • Speakers:
    C. Bergman, M. Boudard, L. Bresson, D. Caillard, J. Chevrier, J.M. Dubois, F. Ducastelle, F. Gaehler, P. Gas, D. Gratias, T. Grenet, F. Hippert, P. Kalugin, L. Kubin, G. Lesoult, D. Mayou, P. Quemerais, B. Salanon, G. Treglia

  • Registration:
    Before April 10th 1999. Fee 2500 FF for participants from public organizations, otherwise 5000 FF. The fee includes lodging and proceedings.

  • Address:
    E. Belin-Ferre
    LCPMR UMR 7614
    11 rue P. et M. Curie
    75231 Paris Cedex 05, France
    tel. +33-0144276620, fax +33-0144276226,
    e-mail belin@moka.ccr.jussieu.fr


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